May 2023 Update: Letter from GCC Interim President Janice Lawhorn and Governing Board Chair Jan Brocker Regarding EAC Transition

May 9, 2023

On Monday, May 8, 2023, the Gila County Provisional Community College District (GCPCCD) Governing Board approved the termination of the Eastern Arizona College (EAC) Educational Services and Programs Intergovernmental Agreement and Operating Agreement, effective June 30th, 2024. The Governing Board President, Dr. Jan Brocker, was authorized to work with GCPCCD legal counsel to notify EAC of the termination and to work through the impending transition.

The GCPCCD Governing Board wants to clearly state that it has not recommended any changes to the current contractual agreement with EAC, which will be in effect until the stated termination date. Over the next 13-½ months, both colleges will work to ensure that students enrolled through the GCPCCD Payson and Gila Pueblo (Globe) Campuses will be able to complete coursework, certificate requirements, and degree program requirements. A two-year teach-out, commencing on or before the termination date of June 30, 2024, is required by the Higher Learning Commission, the institutional accrediting agency for EAC.

In forming a provisional district in 2003, the intent of the College was to go through the process of being recognized by the State of Arizona as a fully organized Community College district. While GCPCCD has valued the long-standing relationship with EAC, the Board felt that a different type of educational partnership will better position the College for a more sustainable
post-secondary educational future in Gila County.

Additional information regarding a smooth transition will be forthcoming at a Town Hall at both the Payson and Gila Pueblo (Globe) Campuses in late July to communicate plans, answer questions, and address and alleviate the concerns of students and College employees.

Inquiries may be directed to Interim President Dr. Janice Lawhorn at, or Governing Board President Dr. Jan Brocker at